[OhQP-mail] K8O/m score and notes

W3HKK at roadrunner.com W3HKK at roadrunner.com
Mon Aug 26 14:53:54 CDT 2019

Terrific job! Worked you guys at 1922z on 40 cw. Your big 59+ signal
gave me the impression you were right here in Johnstown....maybe on US
62 or 37. Could have tossed you guys a sandwich as you drove by.
Bob ( 2 mi E of the 62/37 intersection/light/ downtown Jtown.)

	-----------------------------------------From: "Dan" 
To: "Ron Harps"
Sent: Monday August 26 2019 3:24:19PM
Subject: [OhQP-mail] K8O/m score and notes

   Ohio QSO Party - 2019

Call: K8O
Operator(s): W8CAR K8NZ
Station: K8O

Class: Mobile LP
Operating Time (hrs): 12

Band CW Qs Ph Qs
 80: 481 10
 40: 201 45
 20: 37 3
 15: 0 0
 10: 0 0
Total: 719 58 CW Mults = 91 Ph Mults = 25 Total Score = 172,144

Club: North Coast Contesters


Comments :Had a blast in this OHQP. Good wx and no real equipment
problems were a plus. Our usual doldrums start evaporated with good
activity from the beginning. Like many, we had little luck on 40 and
20 except for DX and occasional move to SSB on those bands. Ron, K8NZ,
just rocked the bands especially with a 98 last hour.    We did have
some excitement when the Ohio Turnpike would not accept my EZ
pass---that cost us about 10 minutes of lost county time. Talking to
the metal box at the toll plaza did not count for any points!    We
also had one county that we completely missed due to “old GPS
syndrome”. Plus, we had a few detours but managed to find our way
around without toooo much of a problem.   Highlights: KU8E with 30 Qs,
N4PN with 26 Qs, K1LT with 25 Qs, K7SV with 23 Qs,  Laci, OM2VL with
12 Qs-two on 80 meters!!!!, DL3DXX with 11 Qs with one on 80
meters!!!, K8RYU with 14 Qs and KE8M with 14 Qs   Many, many thanks to
those stations who followed us around and moved us to SSB. (The mike
boom is on the headphones so Ron and I only had to talk into the right
side for SSB!!!!)   73 Dan W8CAR and Ron K8NZ ---K8O ops     

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