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Victor A. Kean, Jr. vkean at k1lt.com
Sun Aug 25 12:37:56 CDT 2019

I had a blast operating the 2019 Ohio QSO Party.  I operate CW only and I 
worked 81 of the 88 counties which might be a record for me.  If not a record, 
it required phone to get as many counties in previous runs.

I would like to thank the mobiles, rovers, and portable stations that make the 
chase particularly addictive: AE8M, K8MR and driver K3LA, K8O (W8CAR) and 
driver KN8Z, K8RR, K8RYU, N8KR, W4G, and W8UE.  I hope I didn't miss anyone.  
If I did, please let me know so I make make amends and keep good records.

I especially want to call out W8CAR for his whipping skills and K8MR for 
general organizational goodness.  Thanks, too, to support from K9TM, KE8OC, 
and others.

Victor, K1LT
MRRC Big Fish

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