[OhQP-mail] 1 week and counting till OHQP!

Dan Kovatch w8carlog at gmail.com
Sat Aug 18 14:22:56 CDT 2018

TNX to all for the great job of signing up for OHQP. At the present time we
have only 3 outstanding counties; Ashtabula, Clermont and Monroe. If you
know anyone in those counties please bribe them to get on.

We have picked up a few more mobiles and rovers-TNX guys for answering the
call of the bands.

Now it is time to begin burning propagation and wx incense!

I have stimulated the economy by purchasing a new laptop. The old XP
machine took over 10 minutes to boot up and another 5 to load N1MM+. Now to
see if the newbie can handle mobile operation!!!

73 Dan W8CAR
OHQP whiper dude
K8O/m with K8NZ
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