[OhQP-mail] OhQP Certificates for any year from 2002 to present

K9TM k9tm at buckeye-express.com
Mon Nov 21 19:05:38 CST 2016

You can now go to the OhQP web site and generate a certificate for any year from 2002 to present.  Click on the “Certificates” menu item.  Enter the callsign used in the event, the year, the name you’d like on the certificate and an optional line for text such as multi-op calls, etc.

If you typed in the name or optional calls wrong, no worries… change it and hit submit again.  The certificates are not pre-generated files you download, they are generated on the fly.

Everyone who submitted a score can generate a certificate.  Don’t remember what years you submitted a score?  No worries, just look at the tabular results by year under the “Results” menu item and then select a year.  You can use your browsers search/find to find your call on the page.

I also changed this so you no longer have to worry about having background printing turned on.  Just print the page and you’ll get the certificate and the text.

You can save your certificate to your computer using your browser or you can print it.

We hope you enjoy your certificate.

Thanks for your support of OhQP.

73, Tim K9TM

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