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K9TM k9tm at buckeye-express.com
Sat Jul 30 08:07:09 CDT 2016

There are only 4 weeks until the OhQP and 73 counties are unclaimed!

I’m not able to do mobile this year (normally cover 30+ when I go mobile) but at least I’ll be able to participate this year.

It looks like Dan, W8CAR, will not be mobile this year and he normally covers a large number of counties.

Therefore, we need some others to step up either as mobiles, rovers or fixed stations to get all the counties on the air.

Go to www.ohqp.org <http://www.ohqp.org/> and enter your plans using the link on the left of the page that says Enter Plans (it’s like the 5th item down on the left).

To view plans already submitted, use the See 2016 Plans link (it’s just above the Enter Plans link).

73, Tim K9TM
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