[OhQP-mail] K8RYU/R

Ralph Matheny K8RYU mathenyr at marietta.edu
Wed Aug 19 13:20:33 CDT 2015

Serious problems have developed with the rover van,
ie brakes.  All the repair shops here are swamped 
and I doubt that I will have the van for the weekend.

Thus....I suspect that I will do the thing the old 
time way, with no operation between sites and more
time spent setting up antennas.  Just maybee my usual
shop will have the repairs made by Friday nite.  I'm
hoping one of the guys there will stay late tonight  
and get it started.

I knew this would be the last year for the van and had
tested last week for road worthyness, all seemed well
but today I found brake fluid all over the place.

Tomorrow we drive the route and may put up a couple 
antennas in case we are in another vehicle.

Stay tuned.

de K8RYU

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