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Jimk8mr at aol.com Jimk8mr at aol.com
Wed Apr 15 19:58:30 CDT 2015

FYI, there are two events coming up that may be of interest to  OhQPers:
1.  The Michigan QSO Party: this Saturday, April 19, Noon to midnight  EDT. 
Also sponsored by the Mad River Radio Club, it has rules very similar to,  
though not exactly identical to, those of the Ohio QSO Party. Full info is  
available at _www.miqp.org_ (http://www.miqp.org) .  The Michigan  guys have 
been very in the OhQP - here's your chance to return the favor!

2. Ohio’s first NVIS Antenna Day will be a  great time to test antenna 
designs, determine the best performers and compare  your activity with other 
groups around the state of Ohio!   The event  is open to ALL amateurs and 
groups. Our goal is to put signals up from as many  counties as possible.  
Remember to bring food and lots of friends and take  time to just get together in 
between tests!  
Contact other stations and give ACCURATE  signal reports for your logs!  
Contact W8SGT at the Ohio EOC, and other  fixed stations who will be able to 
give you a good idea of your signal strength  and geographic coverage area. 
The event is not limited to Ohio- because in an  emergency our contacts may 
be directed at our neighboring counties and states!  This is not a race or 
points-scored contest, this is designed to be a fun,  relaxed event with a lot 
of experimenting.  What it will give us should be  a major step in 
determining the best emergency antennas to keep in your Go-Box  or comm vehicle to 
be ready!  The fact that Field Day is coming soon after  is good, too! 
Please take LOTS of pictures!  We would  like to see your group in 
operation, and especially the antennas you built that  were your best performers! 
For more information see the  Ohio Section web page.
Also, the logs have been  checked and I am working on the writeup of the 
results of the 2014 Ohio QSO  Party. I hope to have them out within a week or 
so. Thanks for your  patience.
And if you have not already  done so, mark Saturday, August 22, on your 
calendar for the 2015 Ohio QSO  Party!
73   -   Jim   K8MR
OhQP Chairman 

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