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Ohio QSO Party

Call: K8MR
Operator(s): K8MR  AC8E
Station: K8MR

Class: Rover LP
QTH: 20 Counties
Operating  Time (hrs): 11

Band  CW Qs  Ph  Qs
80:   73     5
40:  466    186
20:  101     12
15:    8   3
10:    0       0
Total:  648    206  CW Mults  = 74  Ph Mults = 66  Total Score = 209,440

Club: North Coast  Contesters


Still fun to hit the road. This year we  again did the Rover category, 
to operate with a real antenna (the  "33 Ft. HamStick") from 4 of the rarest
counties, Carroll, Harrison,  Monroe, and Morgan. Most of the SSB QSOs were 
stopped in these four  places. In the first three I had decent though not 
results while  parked, but in Morgan county I had a very good run on 40 SSB.
Combined with  good CW while driving, we had 121 QSOs from there, likely a
single county  high in my mobile/rover operations.

Conditions were pretty good,  especially on 40 meters where propagation 
to most of the state for  most of the contest. The higher bands were decent,
though not much  activity. Most of the 15 meter contacts were QSYs with Uli,
DM5EE. Too bad  we did not first connect until half way through the contest.

The  missing hour was spent operating W1AW/8 on 40 CW from Monroe  county,
perhaps the rarest county in the state. Results with that were  
not much different from what they would have been with a  less prominent 
call. I
guess the other W1AW/8 ops in Ohio had fulfilled the  need and demand for 
on that band.

Thanks to my driver, AC8E,  and all those who followed us and took part in 
2014 Ohio QSO  Party.

73  -  Jim  K8MR

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