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Remember that if we want to give extra credit to someone who *works* a QRP
station then we are going to have to change the contest exchange to include
the power level. Such a change would also require all of the programmers who
produce our logging software to make the appropriate changes.


There was a comment "The only thing the power mults would do is allow for an
"overall winner" of the party...". Personally I don't think there is any way
to get a single fair "overall" winner. If we wanted to try, how would we
adjust for those of us who do not have steerable antennas? Those make a
pretty big difference as well, probably as much as the difference between 5
and 100 watts.


Another comment was "All participating stations have a level playing field
as far as receive, so the QRP station can hear as well as anyone else."
Sorry but I disagree here too since wire vs steerable/gain antennas makes a
big difference. The ability to copy any station depends upon many more
things than just the transmitter power of the other guy.


For myself, I like to compare my efforts from year to year. Lengthening the
exchange will negate previous years efforts for comparisons. Even though
adding a power level to the exchange doesn't add all that much time to a
QSO, it does add up after a while and might possibly cut down on the total
number of QSOs. Oops, the mobile moved, there went that last mult I needed.


(Some tongue in cheek comments):

If we want a truly level operating field then we should all be forced to use
the same radio / antennas.

You have to put up a beam for me since I don't have one.

Why not force us all to do all CW contacts without a narrow filter?

No computer aids for anything but logging.

No PC keying or memory keyers, everything manually.

Why 2 points per CW QSO anyhow. Why are they more important? (I'm 99.9% CW

I'm sure I could come up with more.


Yes, I have operated QRP in OQP. Personally, I would like to see results
much sooner and the "per county results map" get updated long before
requiring any rules changes without good/convincing arguments behind them.


And I also appreciate the thoughts behind Dave, K9FN's post.


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