[OhQP-mail] Suggestion for 2015 (Or later) OHQP

Hank Greeb n8xx at arrl.org
Sat Apr 12 13:51:33 CDT 2014

Mr. Chasey:

Caution: It is very dangerous to one's reputation to agree with the nut 
@ N8XX, lest one be branded, by association with, a LID.

However, to carry your idea a bit farther, we could adopt a variation of 
the scoring system used by the Stew Perry Top Band Challenge.  We couple 
increase the incentive for operating with low power by adding another a 
multiplier for working as a QRP station.  Thus, in addition to the 
multiplier for running one's station at <5 watts output, one would get a 
multiplier of 1 for working a station running >150 watts, a multiplier 
of 2 for working a station running >5 watts but <150 watts, and a 
multiplier of 5 for working a station running <5 watts power output.

A QRP station working a QRP station would get a final power multiplier 
of 25, a High Power station working another High power station would get 
a final power multiplier of 1 for that one contact.

Distance multipliers as used in the Stew Perry "probably" wouldn't be 
useful, since the objective is to work as many states and counties as 

The Stew Perry power multipliers are 1, 2, and 4, so perhaps the choice 
above of 1, 2 and 5 might need adjusting.

It would complicate the job of the scoring team just a bit, because 
they'd have to put in a factor for each "receiving multiplier" for each 
entry, but if the Stew Perry can do it, it's only a matter of 
programming one's silly computer, which would religiously follow the 
algorithm contained therein.

Note, I only throw the idea out at this time, in hopes that it would 
receive something other than a "knee jerk, 'we've never done this before 
so it must be a screwball idea'"  as most new ideas for the OHQP have 
been treated in past years.

I doubt that this will ever receive a fair hearing, because it comes 
from an outside source (that far away location of New Mexico), and 
anything foreign is worthless in the sacred halls of the "Gurus on high" 
to whom we all bow in obsequious sycophancy, never daring to question 
their omnipotent and supreme knowledge and wisdom.

72/73 de n8xx Hg
QRP >99.44% of the time

On 4/12/2014 10:43 AM, Chasey, David A wrote:
> Hank might actually be on to something here,

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