[OhQP-mail] Proper DUPE handling

James M. Galm, W8WTS jim at w8wts.com
Tue Aug 30 02:08:45 EDT 2011

Always work and log all dupes that call you when you are running.  The log
checking system removes dupes and does not count them toward your score.  If
you refuse to work or log a dupe caller, you might not be in his log, in
which case you will be penalized for the not-in-log contact via score
reduction or penalty QSOs.  If your logging software balks at logging dupes,
you need better logging software.  
If you are S&P, avoid creating dupes by calling stations in your log.  The
only exception is if you have strong reason to believe that you were logged
incorrectly at the other station and were unable to correct the other
station at the time of the QSO.  In this case, call the running station
again and be sure he logs you correctly this time.  Keep both QSOs in your
log, since the log checking system removes dupes and does not count them
toward your score.  
Jim, W8WTS.  
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Well first off, I must say I had a blast from Holmes County. I will post a
summery in the next few days.

I did run into a bit of a problem though. I ended up with a couple dupes
just to keep things moving. It seems that some of the logging software in
use was not alerting their respective operators when they had already worked
a station. I did my best to keep things going so I went ahead and logged
them again. My partner in the multi-op wanted to string me up at that point
because I am using the N3FJP logging software, which doesn't allow dupes to
be handled easily. So we manually changed the serial on the next contact by
one to keep our numbers in line with what was sent.

Now I am working at tying up the holes in the log, and am not sure if I
should put the DUPE's back in or not.

We did keep a paper log scratchpad just in case we got ahead of one another,
so I have all the information written down.


73, Robert AC8GE

BTW, I must say that I was overly joyed to pick up that rare DX N1L from
BROWn county. Thanks again Hank.
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