[OhQP-mail] N8OT will be active

Paul Hurm - GMail Acct paulhurm at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 20:01:01 EDT 2011

Despite Murphy's best efforts, it appears that I will be active (from
Butler) tomorrow. Folks may have seen 1 or 2 emails from me and if you
caught on, I had sold my HF rig a while back due to being unemployed and was
asking about borrowing a rig. The borrow idea fell through so I dropped way
back, punted, and dug out the old Heathkit SB-301 / SB-401 combination I
still had in storage.

I had used the 301 receiver as a backup receiver 2 years ago so I knew it
worked. The last time I tried the 401 transmitter it did not output any
power. That had been just a quick try and I now know why it did not work.
The 301 has a crystal set in it. The 401 can had a crystal set in it for
stand alone or it canc use the 301 crystal signals through several
interconnect cables. My poor brain was thinking that I had the crystals in
both. When I actually opened the 401 I was reminded that I did not. In any
event when I carefully read my notes (and the manual!!) and got all the
cables properly connected the combo came to life and as of about 7pm Fri eve
seems to be working fine.

So, this means that I will be able to get on after all. After missing last
year due to a family function, my wife promised I could operate this year
but I thought the lack of rig might kill that idea.

Still unemployed but at least some things are going my way! See everyone

Paul, N8OT

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