[OhQP-mail] OhQP 2011 - WYANdot KA8O

Randy Love wf5x at interserv.com
Thu Aug 25 21:20:35 EDT 2011

Due to some last minute "aw, sure, why not!" planning, AB8JR, K8PGJ, and myself will be driving down from Metro Detroit to activate Wyandot county for OhQP. AB8JR is the trustee of KA8O, the Prince of Peace Amateur Radio Society, and a bit of an impromptu contester. Pete, K8PGJ, always likes a little challenge, so he jumped in without much arm twisting. As for myself, well, the weather looked nice for a drive and a bit of field operation. 

Preliminary plans are to run from either the US23 Northbound Rest Stop just outside of Carey or from a little township park about 2 miles from the rest area, depending on power availability. The operations will be mostly SSB, but I'm gonna try and run some CW also ( my copy is a little rusty, so pse be patient with my AGN? requests :) 


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