[OhQP-mail] Help with N1MM

Hank Greeb n8xx at arrl.org
Tue Aug 23 22:50:26 EDT 2011

I did something to N1MM, and now it won't let me "log it" for a 
contact.  I changed my call from N8XX to N1L, it complained a bit about 
the prefix for OhHoHo being "K" but accepted the N1L as a call.  Now, 
when I try to enter a contact a number for the "sent" serial number 
doesn't appear, and I can't force anything into that field.  if I try to 
close the program with something in the contact fields it will force a 
zero "0" in the serial number field but nothing more.  How do I tell the 
"very intelligent logging program which much be easy to understand by 
one very familiar with the software" to start with the number 1 and 
increment each number sent by 1?

I even tried a "new log in database" and the same thing happened.

Help, please!  I certainly don't understand the quirks of N1MM contest 

73 de n8xx Hg
Idiot trying to use a simple form of N1MM logger for OHQP 2011

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