[OhQP-mail] OhQP Rules Clarification Requested

Jimk8mr at aol.com Jimk8mr at aol.com
Tue Aug 23 19:56:53 EDT 2011

Yes, a station operating from Ohio can contribute its score to a non-Ohio  
However, that score will be part of the non-Ohio club's Ohio Club score.  
That club may also have entries in the non-Ohio club competition.  The  
Society of Midwest Contesters, for example, has on many occasions had entries in  
both the Ohio and non-Ohio club categories.
The wording may be misleading in referring to Ohio Clubs, and implying  
that only Ohio-based clubs may take part in the Ohio club competition. But in  
practice it does not matter where the Ohio club is based, only where its 
members  operate from.
Ric, thanks for coming on up to be part of our party!  And we will be  
looking forward to working lots of your TCG brothers back home in  Tennessee.
73  -  Jim  K8MR
OhQP Chairman
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Excerpt from the  Ohio QSO Party Rules: 
“CLUB COMPETITION -  Members' scores from Ohio stations will be credited 
towards their Ohio club. A  plaque will be awarded to the Ohio club with the 
highest score. As the  sponsoring club, the Mad River Radio Club is excluded 
from this competition,  although its members may contribute their scores for 
other Ohio clubs to which  they belong. A listing of out of state club 
scores will be posted with the  results, although there will be no plaque 
awarded to the winning out of state  club. Only non-Ohio scores may be credited to 
those club  totals.” 
Question:  For Club  Competition in the Ohio QSO Party, can a station 
operating from Ohio in the  Ohio QSO Party contribute its score to a non-Ohio 
73, RiC _wo4o_ 
(http://www.home-sweet-loans.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=48&Itemid=78)  (2011 OhQP a.k.a. n 8 o  GREE) 

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