[OhQP-mail] Kansas QSO Party - W0O

Hank Greeb n8xx at arrl.org
Tue Aug 23 00:57:42 EDT 2011

Note - same date as Ohio's QP,  wonder how they're getting all 105 
counties in such a sparsely populated state!

I guess I'll ½ 2 take a quill and papyrus with me to BROWn county, 
OhHoHo and try to spell SUNFLOWER and KANSAS with 1x1 calls. :)

72/73 de n8xx Hg
operating N1L/BROW in OHQP 2011
Please spot me if you hear me.  (You MAY spot me even if you're a single 
op unassisted, if you turn off incoming spots on your favorite DX cluster)

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Subject:     [MWA] Kansas QSO Party - W0O
Date:     Mon, 22 Aug 2011 13:05:06 -0400 (EDT)
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This coming weekend I will be helping to celebrate the Kansas 
Sesquicentennial (150 years of statehood) as W0O.   The contest is two 
days long running from Saturday, August 27, 1400UTC to 0200UTC, and then 
again on Sunday, August 28, from 1400UTC to 2000UTC.  Including myself 
there will be 13 mobiles running with all 105 counties activated with 
both CW and SSB.  Thirty three 1x1 calls have been assigned, and if you 
spell out KANSAS and/or SUNFLOWER, you can win certificates and awards. 
  I will be helping to anchor the "O" in SUNFLOWER along with N0O and 
K0O.  Full rules, along with a listing of all the 1x1 calls, at 
http://ksqsoparty.org/  .

I will be running 15/20/40/80 CW and some 20m Fone as a mobile 
single-single-op.  I have no vision of "winning", but I do plan to have 
some fun.  It would be nice to see 15m have some life.

My run order is as follows:
Saturday: Doniphan, Atchison, Brown, Jackson, Nemaha, Pottawatomie, 
Wabaunsee (1), Riley, Geary, Wabaunsee (2), and Shawnee (1).
Sunday: Shawnee (2), Osage, Douglas, Franklin, Miami, and Johnson.

If you work me, please spot me.  I expect 40m and especially 80m to be 
tough with QRN, but I do plan to play on those bands as activity dictates.

73, Jon

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