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Hal Offutt hal at japancorporateresearch.com
Sun Aug 21 19:38:59 EDT 2011

FYI, I am planning to hit Huron two times - an hour or so in the morning and again in the evening on 80 and maybe 75.  If it still looks to be rare at the end of the week, I'll spend more time there.

73,  Hal W1NN
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  FYI.  No specific calls yet, but looks like we'll have some Huron stations on this year.

  Cheers, Kenny K2KW

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  From: Clay Benner <claybenner at yahoo.com>
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        Ken:  FYI
        I have posted the Ohio QSO party info on our group page and we have been "talking it up" in Huron Co.  I will be out of town but I know several are planning on operating and maybe my assistant can activate our EOC Station for the event.
        Thanks for all your hard work pushing this.
        Clay Benner
        Huron Co. E.C./ Skywarn Cord. 

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          From: Kenneth Silverman <kenny.k2kw at gmail.com>
          Subject: CQ Huron County hams
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          Date: Sunday, August 21, 2011, 4:45 PM 

          We're days away from the Ohio QSO Party, and I was wondering if you could spend some time on the radio so we can activate Huron county?  Even an hour or few would be well appreciated.  Read the notice below for more information.

          If you can get on, please let me know.

          73, Kenny K2KW
          Ohio QSO Party Committee


          You're invited to a Party!

          What:    Ohio QSO Party
          When:   Saturday, August 27th (local noon to midnight)
          Where:  Anywhere in Ohio
          Info:  http://www.ohqp.org 
          RSVP: http://www.ohqp.org/plannedOpsEntryOhQP.html
          Please join us for the upcoming Ohio QSO Party.  Huron county is one of the rarest Ohio counties in the event, and we're hoping some of you will get on the air and join the fun.  Can you make some QSOs during the party?
          Each year our goal is to get activity from all 88 Ohio counties during the Ohio QSO Party - but typically only mobiles activate Huron, and make very few QSOs.  We would love to have a few fixed stations on from Huron this year.
          This is a fun event where the world is looking for Ohio QSOs (we become the "DX"), almost no QRM (unlike Field Day), and stealth antennas and QRP stations will get lots of callers too.  If you have any questions about getting on, give me a buzz.  And please spread the word to your club and other Ohio hams.
          Rules and an operating guide can be found on the official OhQP website http://www.ohqp.org 
          73, Kenny K2KW
          Ohio QSO Party Committee  


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