[OhQP-mail] 2009 Ohio QSO Party Results

Jimk8mr at aol.com Jimk8mr at aol.com
Fri Mar 19 09:32:16 EDT 2010

Since the 2009 Ohio QSO Party results were posted last week, several people 
 have sent inquiries about why their score was not listed.
In each of these cases it turns out that they had sent their logs to the  
old  oqp.us address. While the oqp.us domain is still active, since July  
2009 it has not been the correct domain for the Ohio QSO Party.
In response to this confusion, we will accept logs from those who  
mistakenly submitted them, and publish an updated score listing. If this  happened 
to you, you may resend your log to the correct  address,       
_logs at ohqp.org_ (mailto:logs at ohqp.org)      , by April  2.  If you still have a copy of a 
confirmation email from the old  oqp.us site, please send that along as well.
We anticipate the updated results will be out within a week after this  
We apologize for the confusion.  And we hope you've already marked  your 
calendars for the 2010 Ohio QSO Party on Saturday, August 28!
73  -   Jim Stahl   K8MR
OhQP Chairman
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