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Jimk8mr at aol.com Jimk8mr at aol.com
Mon Jun 21 08:04:02 EDT 2010

We are looking for new sponsors for several Ohio QSO Party plaques.  
Joe Matt, W3AG, who has sponsored the Rover plaque for the past few years,  
has decided not to do this going forward. We appreciate Joe's support for 
those  years, especially notable in that Joe, while a MRRC member, is not an 
Ohioan!  (Although he does have some family roots here in the Buckeye  
Several years ago we decided that the Out of State High Power and Low Power 
 Single Operator plaques were pretty much winnable by the same group of 
people,  those who happened to be in whatever area that propagation favored 
that year. So  we combined them into a Single Operator Out of State, and 
started the plaque for  the Mountain/Pacific time zones. We intend to keep that 
M/P plaque, but if some  club or person would like to sponsor an Out of State 
Low Power plaque, we could  go back to plaques for each power level.
The Muskingum Ham Radio Club, which has sponsored three plaques in recent  
years, has indicated that they may want to scale back that number. I've not 
had  a definitive response from them, but we may need a sponsor for one or  
two of the ones they have sponsored.
A plaque costs $60.00. We collect the money in the spring, when we get the  
results compiled.
Let me know if interested.
Thanks and 73 -
Jim Stahl   K8MR
OhQP Chairman
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