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Ken Rogner krogner at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 26 11:00:14 EDT 2010

I plan to depart Fort Wayne Smith Field at 6:30 Saturday night and will cover the following counties in this order on 75SSB
6:45   Van Wert
6:57   Mercer
7:10   Darke
7:21   Miami
7:33   Shelby
7:45   Auglaize
7:54   Allen
8:02   Putnam
8:12   Henry
8:26   Defiance
8:35   Paulding
8:45   Indiana
9:00   Smith Field
The weather forecast is good. Once I find a calling frequency, I'll stay put.  Times may vary due to winds - I'm planning on a 105mph cruise at 2500 feet.
If you have suggestions for omitting a county in favor of more time in another, let me know.  I could easily skip Miami and add 8 minutes for use in other counties.
I'm open to any suggestion short of cw - I've tried the straight key in the plane and it's pretty difficult and slow. 
I'll be logging by hand.  I still haven't figured out a quick way of changing counties on NA as a mobile.
73!   Ken-N8KR

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