[OhQP-mail] [MRRC] MRRC, N8VW, and the Ohio QSO Party

Hank Greeb n8xx at arrl.org
Sun Jul 12 17:08:53 EDT 2009

The understatement of the day (month?  Year? Century?) "There is likely
to be confusion between the MRRC's official OQP efforts and the renegade

It's probably too late, but ARRL needs to be notified about the change,
as does CQ, WA7BNM, N2CQ, and whomever else lists contest happenings.
Most of the deadlines for the published editions are past, I'm quite sure.

This seems to be very, very, late to change anything for the 2009 OQP.
So, my question:

Will we have two simultaneous Ohio QSO Parties with
some logs going to logs at oqp.us
and others going to
logs at ohqp.org
and some going to
both, just to cover all bases?

Methinks this is a bad day in black rock (note 1) with little kids act
like grownups, or verse-visa.

That's my 2¢ worth on the subject.

36½ de n8xx Hg

Note 1:  For those who aren't olde fogeys like me: "Bad Day at Black
Rock" refers to a movie from (1954) starring Spencer Tracy as John J.
Macreedy , who steps off the train at the backwater hamlet of Black
Rock, opening up a Pandora's box of fear and suspicion.  This film won
at least three academy awards.  Methinks no one in the current fiasco
will win any awards, but hopefully none will receive too deep of black

K9TM wrote:
> K8CC is going to take care of the MRRC and MiQP links to OhQP.
> Tim
> On Jul 12, 2009, at 11:32 AM, Ian - K8MM wrote:
>> You may want to change the OQP link on the MRRC home page to reflect this change.
>> Jimk8mr at aol.com wrote:
>>> Since 1999 the Mad River Radio Club has  sponsored the Ohio QSO Party. For nearly all of that time Pat Collins, N8VW, has  done the log checking and web hosting for the OQP.
>>> Several years ago Pat  developed a strong dislike for MRRC, and left the club. He continued as the OQP  web guy, and for the past few years has sponsored a plaque for the top out of  state QRP entry.
>>> Since his falling out with MRRC, Pat has removed all mention of MRRC as the sponsor of the OQP from the web site. There has been discussion within the club that this was not appropriate given the MRRC's history, efforts, and financial support of the event.
>>> This year after the  final paper logs were entered into computerized Cabrillo logs and forwarded to  Pat for processing in January, it took until June for the results spreadsheets  to be returned to me for writeup and web
>>> publication.  As a result we  missed our traditional target of having the results out in the spring, which allows for the contest plaques be available to hand out in person at Dayton to  those winners who attended the Hamvention.
>>> There had been discussions  about moving the processing and publication of the OQP results to a new web site run by people within MRRC.  We decided to move forward with this, and started the new OQP web site,  www.ohqp.org, with Tim Mitchell, K9TM, as  the web master.  The 2008 OQP results are now posted here.
>>> Pat's response has been a sudden flurry of activity to attempt to seize the OQP from  MRRC by claiming ownership of the OQP.  He has in the past twelve hours engaged in a blitz of activity including new rules, prizes,
>>> publicity venues, and the like.
>>> The Mad River Radio Club remains the sponsor and administrator of the Ohio QSO Party.  We have a new e-mail reflector, ohqp-mail at ohqp.org. This can be subscribed to on the new web site, or by sending an email to
>>> ohqp-mail-request at ohqp.org, with  the word "subscribe" in both the Subject and body.
>>> There is likely to be confusion between the MRRC's official OQP efforts and the renegade OQP being promoted by N8VW.  We regret any such confusion, and ask that you  bear with it and continue with your support of the Ohio QSO Party.
>>> In spite of this internal dispute, the Ohio QSO Party will be held again this year on Saturday, August 22, from noon to midnight EDT. We hope to see you all then!
>>> 73  -   Jim  Stahl      K8MR
>>> Ohio QSO Party Chairman

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