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Tue Jul 21 08:05:28 CDT 2020

We're closing in on one month until the 2020 Ohio QSO Party, on Saturday August 22. With Ohio and the world have been greatly impacted by COVID-19, we wanted to know that as of now, we are planning for the OhQP to go on as close to normal as possible. We did have concerns about the Emergency Operations Centers having access to their stations, but checking with them, most will be able to be at their EOCs, perhaps with restrictions on numbers of people, etc.

One thing we are adding for 2002 is to allow distributed multi-operator efforts, so long as all operations are located in the same county or state/province/country. These will be treated as any other multioperator entry.

Of course all of this might change should the situation here in Ohio change. But for now, we will trust individuals to not do anything stupid.

Activity in the state QSO parties this spring was awesome, between the State QSO Party Challenge and many of us staying close to home avoiding COVID. We hope those activity levels will hold true for us in OhQP next month. And that lots of you will be able to get on the air to enjoy a day of socially distant fun, and to help others around Ohio and the world to do the same.

73  -  Jim   K8MR
OhQP Chairman

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