[OhQP-mail] Ohio QSO Party tomorrow - get on have some fun!

Dan w8car at buckeye-express.com
Fri Aug 21 11:44:30 CDT 2020

Hope everyone is steady for tomorrow's activity. The wx looks good (no T storms). The bands seem to be in fair shape and maybe we will get some short skip on 40.

Don't forget to check 3545 and there abouts during the day for mobiles and rovers and home stations.

I will start on 10 meters per the even/odd suggestions and try cqing for a bit to see if any ground wave Qs are possible? The IARU had some nice condx on 10 and hopefully they may reoccur.

Don't forget to move around and check all the bands/modes during the day if it slows down.


Whipper in chief
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