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One further thing worth noting:
In the Ohio QSO Party we have only one category for single ops, mixed mode. We do this to encourage people to be willing to switch to the other mode to make more QSOs and perhaps help somebody out with a needed multiplier. 

We do, however, include in the results both the CW and SSB QSO and multiplier totals, and have a separate listing showing what would be the single mode scores for all who made any QSOs on that mode. I.e. there will be three results listings for a single op who makes QSOs on both modes, so it will be very easy to see how you did compared with others using only that mode.
Likewise, for the Ohio Single Operator CW and SSB plaques, making a QSO on the other mode will not disqualify you from those plaques.
So even in you are only seriously doing one mode, if you have a key or microphone sitting around, don't be afraid to use it!

See you Saturday in the Ohio QSO Party!

Jim   K8MR
OhQP Chairman

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Subject: Re: Ohio QSO Party in 3 days!

 A few more tips/suggestions:

1.  Please keep 3545 KHZ, +/- 0.5 KHz open for mobiles. That way with a quick check there, including during daylight hours, any activity there ought to involve a mobile station, who may well be in a rare county.
2. For Ohio stations, don't forget the higher bands (20 meters and up). There will be plenty of stations in more distant parts of the country (and around the world) looking for Ohio, who won't be able to hear us on the more usual 80/40 meters. We don't want to invite people to our party and then not make an effort to talk with them!

3.  For those outside Ohio, consider some occasional "CQ OHIO" calls. There are lots of Ohio stations (as well as everywhere else) who aren't especially loud and/or who aren't comfortable CQing - some CQs from out of state can often be productive in raising these people.

4. For people inside Ohio who aren't accustomed to CQing - give it a try! People will be looking for Ohio stations. It can be quite a rush having all those folks calling you!
5. From one who is fortunate to spend winters in Florida, Ohio stations occasionally point your antennas south. I sometimes think the average Florida antenna support structure also out of necessity supports a flag. So even if we can hear you from down there, you often don't hear us if your antennas are pointed at the west coast!

But most important - get on the air and have fun in the Ohio QSO Party!

73   -   Jim   K8MR
OhQP Chairman

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Subject:  Ohio QSO Party in 3 days!

Don’t forget the Ohio QSO Party this coming weekend, Saturday,August 22 from 1600Z till 0400Z . rules on the ohqp dot org web site.

Currently we have 73 of the 88 Ohio counties with planned activity and more plans are arriving hourly. Look forward to seeing many of you on the bands on Saturday.

Ohio QSO party hints:

If you hear mobiles please spot them as sometimes the skimmers don’t pick them up especially on SSB

Don’t forget that this year 160 is added- a great chance to run up your score with more Qs. Here is hoping for little to no QRN

check 10 meters on the top of the even hours and 15 at the top of the odd hours.

Many stations will move with you to other bands and modes-just ask!

If you are close to  or in Ohio don’t forget to check 80 and 75 during the day. We have mobiles and rovers who will show up. Plus, fixed stations will CQ there when their rate slows on other bands.

All Qs count for the State QSO Party Challenge.

Hope everyone has fun

73 Dan W8CAR

ps W8CAR has figured out how to use his mike so he will be on SSB in addition to CW. A chance for a rare SSB Q!!

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