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Thanks Tim and everyone for the tips.

Spend 9 hrs today replacing 150' of buried coax to my 40m Phased
array. (earlier this week it started giving an arc-fault on the ACOM
1000 when I got power over 500w. ) 

 But most of the 9 hrs was spend routing it though a 15 ft piece of
pvc to get it under the rear walkway. Then I had issues routing it
through the wall into the basement. Multiple trips to the hardware
store and Home Depot later I finished in the dark. Threw up my hands
trying to squeeze it through the other 8 lines in the existing hole ,
and drilled a new hole thru the wall down to the basement. Now I m set
for OHQP on 10-160, NVIS and long haul. 

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	From a log checking perspective, just log the callsign (k8mr or k8xx
in the below examples). 

	The log checking does not need to know /m, /r, /county-abbr from the
callsign field... 

	The log checking software gets the QTH from the QTH part of the
exchange (both sent and received). 

	Some logging software is brain dead with respect to duping and does
not look at QTH must match for dupe and that's why some people enter
call/county-abbr... to make their logging software happy for duping. 

	73, Tim K9TM 

	On 2020-08-17 12:29, Bob wrote:   

	What are your recommended best practice for logging qso's with /m and
/r stations? 

	What saves the most time for the mrrc team when reviewing/editing

	Hypotheical Examples: 

 	* Could a qso with k8mr/m be logged k8mr/m or k8mr/Athe?

 	* Could a qso with k8xx/r be logged K8xx/r or k8xx/lake?

	Ive done all those at different times over the years. 

	Or doesn't it matter? 

	FWIW I use N1MM+ for logging purposes and during test entries, they
all seem to work. 



	The all-wire antenna farm in Licking County 


	PS Bank cndx seem to be much improved the past couple of weeks for
both dx and domestic sigs. Hope NVIS on 40m comes back this year and
lets us hear most OH counties again, like it did a few years ago. 

	Have a safe trip to all who will be out and about. 

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