Bob w3hkk at roadrunner.com
Mon Aug 17 11:29:23 CDT 2020

What are  your recommended best practice  for logging  qso’s with /m and /r stations? 

What   saves the most time for  the mrrc team when  reviewing/editing logs?

Hypotheical Examples:

1. Could  a qso with  k8mr/m  be logged k8mr/m  or k8mr/Athe?

2. Could a qso with k8xx/r  be logged K8xx/r  or k8xx/lake?

Ive done all those at different times over the years.

Or doesn’t it matter?

FWIW I use N1MM+ for logging purposes and during  test entries, they all seem to work.

The all-wire antenna  farm in Licking County

PS  Bank cndx  seem to  be much improved the past couple of weeks  for both  dx and domestic sigs.  Hope NVIS on 40m comes back this year  and  lets us hear most OH counties again, like it  did a few years ago.

Have  a safe trip to all who will be  out and about.

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