[OhQP-mail] ONE WEEK and counting! OHQP next Saturday

Dan Kovatch w8carlog at gmail.com
Sat Aug 15 10:17:53 CDT 2020

Greetings and solidifications to all. Hope everyone is safe and preparing
for the OHQP next Saturday 12 till midnight.

Currently we have 66 counties with planned activity. If you know of anyone
or you yourself live in a county (!) Make sure to finagle them (you) to get

Reminders: Check your logging software, check your antennas, check your
voice keyer and CW keyer,announce your plans, warn the significant other,
find your microphone.

Remember to check 20 and 15 during the day. By "checking" I mean actually
call CQ! A few guys from the west coast have mentioned that they look for
us and would like us to check for them. Unless you are a mobile the rates
are usually nice enough to check other bands.

Reminder to move people to other modes and/or bands as time and rate allow.

Reminder to check 160 early and we don't know about activity level but
since it's there we should use it.

Reminder to check the WX. RIght now it looks like we should not have any
major storms.
Reminder to get on and have some fun! I mean, what else ya gonna do? (Don't
say yard work either!!)

73 Dan W8CAR
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