[OhQP-mail] 160M in OQP

k8mp at aol.com k8mp at aol.com
Wed Apr 15 23:33:50 CDT 2020

I'd prefer to add it. Anything that fills in slow times is a good thing. Late Saturday can get very slow because 40 goes long and there's no new ones left to work on 80.Regarding it giving an advantage to "Big" stations, they already have an advantage on all the other bands so adding a band is probably not that big of a deal.The big guns are going to win anyway so in the grand scheme of things it's a moot point.And if Ralph is right in saying 160 won't produce much, then it becomes "mooter".For me, it's just another band to have fun on which is why I and most others play in contests.
Joe, K8MP 
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