[OhQP-mail] 160 Meters in Ohio QSO Party?

Brian Jones brian.a.jones at live.com
Tue Apr 14 21:01:45 CDT 2020

I think it would encourage people to get creative and build 160m antennas in compact locations.  There is an ARRL book with that title I believe.  Magnetic loops are also smaller designs for 160m.  Maybe drive new ideas for new 160m antennas.  It will also help free up 40 and 80 when it becomes too crowded.  I'm doing 160m just fine with a 70ft wire antenna at 30ft horizontal elevation with minimal counterpoises in an HOA so it can be done.  I participated in a 160m contest recently and had a blast.

A novel idea...  in addition to phone, what about allowing ft8 but only on 160m?  It would allow more people to get on 160m with less than ideal antenna options.  Thanks for your consideration.


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I am all for it!  If the QRN is too high it will just be equally unused.  If the QRN is not bad, we can have some fun.  I poked around on 160m 2 weeks after OQP last year after the OSPOTA contest with pretty decent results from Pike County with a very mediocre antenna and 100w, so it is doable!


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