[OhQP-mail] 160 Meters in Ohio QSO Party?

Steve Lewis n8tfd at fuse.net
Tue Apr 14 16:34:19 CDT 2020

Please include!  If 160 is mostly unusable we are all at the same 
competitive disadvantage.  If we're deferring to mobile stations...i 
think I have 40+ states confirmed from there...granted most of them are 
in winter, but not all of them!  Expanding the tent (6 meters, digital?) 
makes the event more appealing, not less so!


On 4/14/2020 5:20 PM, jimk8mr--- via OhQP-mail wrote:
> The Ohio QSO Party committee is considering whether to add 160 meters 
> to the existing 80-10 meters operation in the OhQP. The question 
> arises whether given low sunspot activity and difficult propagation on 
> the higher bands, if adding 160 might give a pool of new QSOs and 
> activity? Or would it spread activity, disadvantage smaller stations, 
> or make things more difficult for people further from Ohio?
> This will not be decided by a majority vote, but rather the committee 
> is looking to find out if people have a preference, or perhaps just 
> don't care either way. Opinions from outside Ohio are very welcome as 
> well, as we try to make the event attractive for everybody, including 
> all those from outside Ohio who we work in OhQP.
> Comments can be posted on the OhQP email reflector (mail at ohqp.org). If 
> you're not already subscribed there, information on how to do so is 
> available on the OhQP web site, www.ohqp.org. Of if you don't care to 
> subscribe or prefer to keep your thoughts out of the public eye, you 
> can email them to info at ohqp.org, which will get them to the OhQP 
> committee members.
> Whatever might happen, we hope you'll join us for the 2020 Ohio QSO 
> Party on Saturday, August 22 !
> 73  -  Jim   K8MR
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