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Steve has good suggestions, though I'd disagree somewhat with one of them.  Don't get excited about a NVIS antenna. The idea behind them is good when the ionosphere supports short skip (and longer), but that is not likely to be the case at this point in the sunspot cycle. If there is no ionosphere to reflect signals, squirting all that RF straight up isn't going to result in that RF coming back down.
Put up whatever efficient 40 meter antenna you can and go at it. And 80/75 meters is likely to be quite busy, Depending on local activity, there may be a few QSOs to be made on 15 and 10 by asking those local guys to QSY to those bands.
But whatever you do, get on the air and have fun!

73  -   Jim   K8MR
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<!-- #yiv0003741455 _filtered #yiv0003741455 {font-family:"Cambria Math";panose-1:2 4 5 3 5 4 6 3 2 4;} _filtered #yiv0003741455 {font-family:Calibri;panose-1:2 15 5 2 2 2 4 3 2 4;} #yiv0003741455 #yiv0003741455 p.yiv0003741455MsoNormal, #yiv0003741455 li.yiv0003741455MsoNormal, #yiv0003741455 div.yiv0003741455MsoNormal {margin:0in;margin-bottom:.0001pt;font-size:11.0pt;font-family:"Calibri", sans-serif;} #yiv0003741455 a:link, #yiv0003741455 span.yiv0003741455MsoHyperlink {color:blue;text-decoration:underline;} #yiv0003741455 a:visited, #yiv0003741455 span.yiv0003741455MsoHyperlinkFollowed {color:#954F72;text-decoration:underline;} #yiv0003741455 .yiv0003741455MsoChpDefault {} _filtered #yiv0003741455 {margin:1.0in 1.0in 1.0in 1.0in;} #yiv0003741455 div.yiv0003741455WordSection1 {} -->Lot’s of activity for OQP.  One of the busiest QSO parties.  Assuming you are in Ohio, a NVIS antenna is OK for working Ohio counties but you will miss out on a lot of multipliers in other states beyond the footprint of your NVIS antenna.  Our Ohio group tried a NVIS antenna one year and found that simple dipoles for 40 and 80 were a far better choice.  Also, don’t forget about 20 meters up until about 9pm local time.  Lot’s of activity and chances to pick up QSO’s and out of state multipliers.  Every year there are folks throughout the Midwest who grumble that too many Ohio stations do not operate 20 meters… From the far Midwest, east coast, west coast, etc. 40 and 80 are not going to have decent propagation into Ohio during most of the QSO party.  If you  work CW and phone, you will keep busy for the entire contest period.  By the way, 10 and 15 meters have been somewhat productive in the past, but during this time in the solar cycle very few qso’s will be made on these bands.  Steve – AA8HH
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