[OhQP-mail] OHQP AUG 24

Dan Kovatch w8carlog at gmail.com
Sat Jul 20 10:09:04 CDT 2019

The OHQP is coming up on August 24 for 12 hours. Many of you have already
posted your activity on the list ! Myself and Ron, K8NZ will be doing our
usual mobile in the NW quarter of Ohio. (Final route pending). I know I'm
preaching to the choir here but bear with me.

A) There are several other events planned for the same day as usual.
Probably the most problem for us is the RTTY contest. The Kansas and Hawaii
QSO parties are on.
And let us not forget the inaugural FT4/FT8 contest. I think, (hope) the
possible increase in activity helps our activity.

B) If you are a member of a club, group or reflector please talk up the
OHQP. I do email the clubs I have addresses for. I also hit up the CWops,
contest and state QSO party lists and a few others I can't think of right

C) If you or someone you know can operate or is thinking of operating
MOBILE or ROVER or EOC or CLUB station please encourage yourself and them
to become active. Mobiles and Rovers really generate activity because we
become fresh meat in each new county.

D) Plan now, mark calendars, check your station and help us make the OHQP
 a fun activity.

73 Dan W8CAR OHQP whip
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