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Ralph is Da Man!
Remember the time we both pulled into the same state park for the Parks on the Air event?That was before they wrecked it by making it SSB only.

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  Still planning the usual route...driving tomorrow to make sure thatroads have not been washed away. I will--as K8MR says--check 80 CW in each county day and nite.....but I won't spend a lot of time there if no answers.  If I were a homestation I'd get out an old Receiver and set the knob to 3545, BFO on,and the bandwidth wide open.  I'll transmit on each side of 3545 soyou'll find me in most cases.  The band is open across the state almostevery afternoon.  I'll be the guy with the big pileup ( I hope) but not at 42WPM..... de K8RYU  _______________________________________________
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