[OhQP-mail] One week till OHQP!

Dan w8car at buckeye-express.com
Sat Aug 17 13:06:31 CDT 2019

Greetings to all, We have one week till the OHQP starts. Right now the wx looks good ..but we do live in Ohio soooooo.

We have all but 15 counties with activity planned. Even if you will be on for a short time make your plans known by posting your activity.

Also, during the OHQP be sure to spot OH stations as the skimmers don’t always pick up the mobiles and rovers. Plus, SSB skimmers don’t exist yet! It helps activity.

Please encourage anyone you know to get on and make some Qs.

Don’t forget to check 3845 and there abouts for mobiles and rovers during the day on 80.

73 Dan W8CAR/K8O
OHQP whipper
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