[OhQP-mail] K8O score and comments

Dan w8car at buckeye-express.com
Mon Aug 27 13:54:48 CDT 2018

Call: K8O
Operator(s): K8NZ W8CAR 
Station: K8O

Class: Mobile LP
QTH: oh
Operating Time (hrs): 11ish 
Location: In State/Province 

      Summary:   Compare Scores 
      Band CW Qs Ph Qs 
      80: 321 6 
      40: 239 20 
      20: 19 1 
      15: 0 0 
      10: 0 0 
      Total: 579 27 CW Mults 82 Ph Mults 16 Total Score 116,130 

Club: North Coast Contesters 

      Comments:     [email]     2018-08-26 19:37:25 
      Great fun except for condx,detours,storms and antenna problems! The new laptop and separate monitor, keyboard and mouse worked solidly the whole contest.

As per usual the first few hours were like pulling teeth. We dodged T storms for about the first 4 hours and then it gradually cleared up. Finally 40 seemed to open but we had few runs.80 was the place to be even during the day.Stopped for dinner for about 20 minutes and when we got back on bands seemed better. Then we ran into DETOURS, I mean detours ON detours. The Tom Tom didn’t pick up the first one and the second one it found and then promptly said there was a closed road on the detour it routed us on ($#@^) At this point I was lost and was hoping we were still in Ohio! All the while Ron kept asking if we were in a new county while operating. The NW corner of OHIO is very dark especially when there are no lights, new blacktop and traffic cones in weird configurations. Eventually we made it to Route 6 which IS on our route and the stopping point we planned put us back on track. We missed a few counties because of the detours.

We had problems with the 80 meter Frankentenna with signals seeming to be distorted and buzzy. Thought it was condx but at a stop near the end we thought we fixed it after finding a bad connection on the tuning coil. Alas that was not it. Operated very little in Sandusky and none in Erie cty (sorry Vic!) because of the problem in hearing (SWR was just fine thanks!) On Sunday after Ron left I looked closer at the 80 meter antenna and found two tubing connections that were loose and one with the nut AND lock nut missing. All I can figure is the rain weight and vibration caused this so a redesign is in order. I’m gonna get this SOB to be stable sooner or later.

All together missed about 1 hour of operating and Kudos to K8MR for his fine score. 
Thanks to everyone for the activity and effort under trying condx.

73 Dan W8CAR
K8O with K8NZ
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