[OhQP-mail] 3 days and counting till OHQP!

Dan Kovatch w8carlog at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 09:28:10 CDT 2018

What a great response we have had for operators! Keep it up!

With the addition of W8UE mobile we are down to 2 counties needed to have
all 88 counties covered for activity. A quick check of the planned activity
list shows over 50 stations plan to be active (mobiles and rovers only
counted once). This doesn't count the guys who will get on but haven't
posted plans.

Looks like we dodged a bullet on the coronal mass ejection as it appears to
be not earth directed.

Last minute plea to get mobiles, rovers, EOCs, club and home stations
active. Anyone you know you can con, bribe, convince into operating will be

Looks like we will have a great Ohio turn out.

Per K8MR, we will be checking and transmitting on or near 3545 during the
day on 80-sometimes the band is open for short stuff! Also, please spot any
Ohio stations you hear-especially on SSB since skimmers don't do SSB!

Final setup tmrw and hope all goes well for everyone this weekend!

Dan OHQP Whip
K8O/m with K8NZ
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