[OhQP-mail] just over 3 weeks before OHQP!

Dan w8car at buckeye-express.com
Thu Aug 2 13:42:07 CDT 2018


Looks like we have about 40ish counties to go for full coverage! Make sure to ring doorbells, email, smoke signal, text, tweet, call (you know - on a phone) talk it up on the air, etc

If you are operating please put your plans up on the activity page-even if you only plan a part time effort. Condx lately have been relatively good with short skip on 20 and 15. I called CQ on 10 the other day to see if there were any reverse beacon spots and ended up with a quick QSO to LA! Anything can happen on da bands!!!

WE NEED MORE MOBILES AND ROVERS! Please consider one of these ways to double and triple your fun in the OHQP!

K8O/M with K8NZ
OHQP whip
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