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Sun Jun 11 23:30:58 CDT 2017

I see that the OHQP is only ten weeks away.  You folks may remember that last year I was whining that I had an amplifier lost in Customs Hell for five months.  Well… the amplifier is still in Customs after 17 months.  I got an email today from the freight broker that his “detained” shipment is a top priority and that all that needs to be done to release the shipment is to re-enter all of the shipping documents for the 80 packages in the shipment from the “old” Customs system into the “new” Customs system.  The Customs Officer said this would take 3 weeks since she can only enter about 25 sets of documents per day.  Since three weeks in “Tico Time” is roughly equal to 3 months in USA time, it’s not looking good for having the amplifier for this year’s QSO Party.  BUT… I will still give it my best effort with or without the amp!

By the way, it is the rainy season here in southern Costa Rica.  It’s much wetter than normal.  We’ve had 15 inches of rain in the past week!  The good news is that we are going to have a bumper crop of limes, so there should be no shortage of margarita’s.

Steve – TI8/AA8HH

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