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Hi Joe et al,

Your words remind me of what my daughter says all the time… No pix Dad, it did not happen.  She especially gets stinky when I tell her we saw some cool animal near the house like an anteater, capuchin monkey, jaguarundi, boa, wild peccary, sloth, etc.  Will definitely try to get some pix out to the group of the dipole install.  I may even get some drone video.  Also, I plan to post a couple of operating pix from the contest if I can get the boss up to the shack with her cell phone camera.  

I’m going into town tomorrow to buy wire and rope – already have some coax.  One of the two trees that I have selected is probably 75 feet tall and very skinny with no branches until the very top.  It sways several feet during windy conditions, so I need to figure out some good strain reliefs.  I plan on letting the dipole droop quite a bit also.  A local buddy suggested that I use wire that is strong enough to guy the tree… 

This year I tried running the Indiana, 7QP and New England parties at the same time.  It was fun and fairly productive, but at times got a little confusing.  I’m not sure how much each individual contest score suffered, but I’m sure that I missed quite a few opportunities.

I plan on concentrating on Ohio QSO Party just like last year, but Hawaii QSO Party is kind of tempting.  From here, Hawaii is about a 4900 mile haul, but 99 plus percent over water.  There is absolutely nothing in the way.  Hawaii is usually quite loud here.  If I do play in the Hawaii contest, it will most likely be on Friday night and during the day on Sunday.  Their qso party last 48 hours.  Not sure how long the xyl will put up with my radio racket and my absence.

No plans to operate KS qso party.  Those guys used to drive me crazy when I operated from Ohio especially on 40 meters.  I still hold a grudge hi hi.

We are not likely to see the TI8/ disappear any time soon.  Regulations are very strict and require an exam.  You must have permanent residency (3 plus years and a lot of effort, cost and paperwork) just to take the Novice test.  Wait a year for the general test and wait another year for the Extra class.  The government has not issued any new TI callsigns in years.  In fact, they have not even had a test session for several years.  Additionally, each upgrade requires proof of operations in the form of written logbook AND a certain amount of paper qsl cards.

Nothing new on the amp.  I was supposed to hear something today but that did not happen.  If and when I get the amp, there is a good chance it will not work.  I understand that it has been out of the box seven times so far for inspection.

Stay tuned.

Steve – TI8/AA8HH

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   1. Re: Planned activities (Joe Fischer)


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Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2017 22:20:44 -0400
From: Joe Fischer <aa8ta at fischerhome.org>
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Hey Steve.

Good luck with the antenna.  Would love to read about you putting it up, how it works and see some pics.  Remember - no pictures, it didn't happen.

Hard to believe your amp is still in custody; hope it gets a pardon soon.

For QSO Parties, I sometimes see ops spotted on the clusters.  Usually, I'll watch the RBN around 40 kHz up from the bottom of the band, or go old-school and just tune around.  Hopefully, there will be plenty of Ohio ops keeping the ions up above busy.  Don't get too infatuated with those guys from KS or HI, though.

Finally, I just have to ask: is that slash call sign going to go away sometime?

GL es 73 de Joe AA8TA

> On Jul 9, 2017, at 23:59, <swmorton50 at gmail.com> <swmorton50 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I?ve been watching the planned county operations and am glad to see quite a few operations have already been posted.  I?ve been studying propagation charts, antennas and power levels to optimize my efforts from TI8/AA8HH this year.
> 80 meters from here just doesn?t work very well until after the contest is over.  Higher power and a better antenna doesn?t make much of a difference.  However, a 40 meter dipole, up high, should outperform my vertical.  And more power would also help a bunch on 40 meters as well as 20 meters.
> Our house sits on top of the first mountain back from the Pacific and we are surrounded by rain forest below us.  We have plenty of property and tall trees, but the problem is that they are mostly below the level of the house.  From our house, the property drops off VERY steeply into the rain forest.  Getting a 40 meter dipole into the trees high enough to work well is quite a challenge.  But? I may have a solution.  A neighbor of ours bought a drone and is looking for a project.  It occurred to me that the drone might be able to haul up a fish line into the tops of the trees that I can use to pull up a rope and antenna.
> So, we are going to try to get that 40 meter dipole hung this year.
> I?m still waiting on my amplifier (stuck in Customs Hell for 17 months now).  There seems to be some movement and with a lot of luck I may have it released in the next few weeks.  Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.  500 watts would make a real difference.  Hoping to keep everything up and running for 12 hours (especially the electricity) during the contest.  It?s winter here (rainy season) and heavy rains/lightning/static crashes are a big issue, so we?re hoping for good weather here as well as in Ohio!
> I do have one question for the group.  What spotting network is best to monitor.  Last year DX Watch and County Hunter Spots didn?t have all that many Ohio stations spots.  In fact, I don?t think I worked a single station from a spot.
> I?m definitely looking forward to 2017 OHQP
> Steve ? TI8/AA8HH
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