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The EOC category rules for OhQP and MiQP are identical.

EMERGENCY OPERATIONS CENTER (EOC): Ohio entries located at an established EOC site, activated by an individual or group. An EOC category entry may utilize permanently installed equipment and antennas, or equipment/antennas temporarily installed at the EOC for the event. EOC entries are not categorized by the number of transmitters, the power used, or the number of operators. All EOC entries are classified as mixed mode.

Seems that whoever has the authority to designate an EOC site can decide if it is a governmental site or a non-governmental site or permanent/semi-permanent/temporary.

I don’t think we need to over think this.  The intention is to include EOC folks in the QSO party as it is beneficial to both groups.  The intention of the rule is that I can’t just designate my station or some location to be an EOC site and enter the EOC category.  If someone uses an established EOC site (hopefully with permission) or a site that the proper authorities deem to be an EOC site and coordinate with them, then it seems it would be OK.

<K8MP> Who makes the final decision?
The decision would be made by the OhQP committee.

73, Tim K9TM
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