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The Red Cross building is now our county ARES HQ. We had to move out of the EOC, due to space limitations.
In our case then, it would appear the Red Cross qualifies.

Thanks, Joe, K8MP

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To count as an EOC for Field Day or MiQP, the operation must take place from a facility the had been designated as an EOC. 

While it would seem logical that a Red Cross center could be an EOC, but being the former doesn't necessarily make it the latter.

I think it is against the intent of the FD rules to simply declare any old building to be an EOC.  I think EOCs are identified by the local ARES authorities for that county.

Of course the OhQP leadership have the prerogative to define EOCs any way they see fit, at the risk of making the catagory ludicrous...


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> Off the top of my head I am not sure, but if the facility would count as an EOC for Field Day (Class F) I suspect it would count for OhQP.
> 73  -  Jim
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>> Gents,
>> Does operating from a Red Cross facility qualify for the EOC category?
>> Thanks, Joe, K8MP
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