[OhQP-mail] 2016 Scores: what does activity by county mean?

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Something doesn't right Joe. And I find it hard to believe that there were that many mobile and rover QSOs made from DELA.
We'll have to see what the contest guys say.

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I must not be understanding something - looking at the tail end of the report for the 2016 OQP, where it lists scores by county, in Franklin County, the number of CW Qs is lower than what I am listed for.  I live in Franklin County.  Also, the 2 of us who live in Franklin County; our QSO count is greater than what is shown for Franklin County.

For Delaware County, I added up 1,768 QSOs from the individual results and the county report shows 1,057.

I guess some counties counts might be higher because of mobiles or rovers?  Doesn’t seem to be a way to see what counties were activated by non-fixed operators.

I guess I’m missing something.

TU es 73 de Joe AA8TA

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