[OhQP-mail] Posted Plans

Robert Lunsford kb8uey at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 25 20:05:44 CDT 2017

Looking at the list just now here is what I see.
Clark has nobody.  K8GIB works till 2000 and is planning on trying to get on once he gets home so long as he does not get stuck late at work.
Darke has nobody and I am still coming up empty.
Lake still has nobody and I got no ideas.
Logan has nobody and I have no ideas.
Madison has nobody but they emailed the club members to see if they can get someone on the air.
Shelby has nobody but the EC emailed folks and said they have a few individuals planning on operating.
Summit has nobody.  KD8MQ any ideas?
Trumbull has nobody and I have no ideas.
Anyone have any other ideas?

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