[OhQP-mail] Mobile routes

Stephen Morton swmorton50 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 23 09:44:34 CDT 2017

Hi all mobiles out there,

I know that there is a list of county operation plans, but is there a list anywhere of county order that the mobiles will be running?

I know how difficult it is to actually estimate the times, but knowing the order of counties operated from might be very useful for following your progress and guessing when we should look for you in the next county.

Looking forward to Saturday!

Oh, by the way… still no amplifier.  Broker tells me that the amp has actually been released from customs, but he is still waiting on a appointment to pick it up from customs along with the rest of the shipment.  There is a very slight chance that he will be able to get the amp released ahead of the rest of the shipment and get it on to a bus to me today or tomorrow.  Not holding my breath (again).

Hoping for great weather and propagation in Ohio and Costa Rica.

Steve – TI8/AA8HH

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