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The Henry County Amateur Radio Club K8TII meets tonight, we’ll be discussing the Ohio QSO Party, to see if we will participate as a club, and if so, from what location. If the club doesn’t have enough interest, I’ll activate Henry County from my house. I didn’t want to make an official activation via the web portal until we met.

73 de Keith

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I’m looking forward to another running of the Ohio QSO Party.  Glad to see that the county operations slots are filling up.

I’ve been working on my antenna system to try to improve my signal into Ohio from Costa Rica.  So far, my amplifier is still stuck in Customs with the latest “promise” being that I “might” have it mid to late August.  I’m not holding my breath though.

I did manage to hang a 40 meter dipole – moderately high up… about 50 feet from the ground.  So far, it seems to out perform my vertical hands down into the Ohio area.  Time will tell… just hope that it stays up until after the QSO Party!

I’m still stuck with the same awful call sign – TI8/AA8HH.  Let me apologize in advance for the confusion that it always seems to generate.  If you hear a piddley little signal calling with a call sign that doesn’t make any sense, it’s probably me!

So, my wish list is fairly simple.

1. Hope the power stays on for the entire QSO Party
2. Hope the dipole stays up
3. Hope the amplifier miraculously arrives in time for the QSO Party
4. Hope all the equipment stays operational before and during the party
5. Hope the thunderstorms stay away for a while during the Party
6. Hope Senor Murphy takes a vacation this year
7. Hope everyone has a good time and successful QSO Party

I’ll try to get the “boss” to take a few pictures this year to post to the website.

Good luck everyone!
73 – Steve – TI8/AA8HH

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