[OhQP-mail] Need some help in Indiana

Mel Crichton kj9c at att.net
Fri Apr 28 21:46:16 CDT 2017

Looks as if there are still too many Indiana counties still needing coverage 
for INQP on May 6. We won't have a few of our usual mobiles and rovers for 
various reasons. So we need a few "neighbors" to cometo  Indiana and operate 
mobile, or rover, or portable in a few of those unclaimed counties.   Check 
out the map at http://hdxcc.org/inqp/activity.php

It would be great of we could get coverage for those 20+ counties from 20+ 
Indiana hams...but that's not likely. So allow me make an offer to our 
friends in Illinois and Ohio:

If we can get some folks  to cover the three open northern counties (StJo, 
Marshall, and Lake), as well as a couple more to cover Union and Posey, I 
will try to get the remainder....  i was hoping to operate from a fixed 
location this year, but plans change.....

So all you have to do is operate mobile or portable for an hour or two away 
from home, and I will bust a gut to make sure we have all 92 covered.

Whaddya say? Anybody want to help in the north, east and southwest parts of 
Indiana next Saturday?

Mel KJ9C 

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