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Joe, et al, Here's another rule of thumb:
<div>"If all else fails, cheat!" ;)

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<div dir="auto" class="aolReplacedBody"><div><div style="direction: inherit;">My rule of thumb is: K8XX/FRAN, K8XX/QRP, K8XX/AE, K8XX/M, etc. are logged as K8XX.  K8XX/4 is logged with the suffix even if I know that he lives in Tennessee.<div style="direction: inherit;">
</div><div style="direction: inherit;">This doesn't always work.  I worked a 7-call who was in a QSO party in one of the 0-land states who was signing with a /0 and I logged him that way.  Later on, I removed the /0 and reloaded the logs into LoTW and got a confirmation.  But by then it was too late to change my contest log so I don't know what happened there.</div><div style="direction: inherit;">
</div><div style="direction: inherit;">There actually was an 8-call running in the TNQP who was signing with a slash and his county abbreviation. That makes things a lot less confusing to me.</div><div style="direction: inherit;">
</div><div style="direction: inherit;">In the general spirit of things, I'm not sure of the ethics of changing a log based on the way this discussion might go.</div><div style="direction: inherit;">------------------------</div><div style="direction: inherit;">TU es 73 de Joe, W8JPF</div></div>
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