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Excellent. Thanks Tim !!!!
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The OhQP has a new website.

Please visit _http://www.ohqp.org_ (http://www.ohqp.org/)  to see the  

Note: If you have bookmarks to pages other than the home page, they  should 
be deleted as they will no longer work.

So what’s different?
    *   The site is now optimized to work better from your smartphone to 
your  tablet to your desktop/notebook.  
    *   A printer icon has been added to most pages allowing the page to be 
 formatted and printed.  Look for the icon near the top or bottom of the  
    *   Graphic contest has been cut to a minimum except where it is 
necessary.  The purpose of the site is to convey information, most of which is  
textual in nature, and it has been optimized to accomplish that task  
hopefully in a visually coherent/pleasing manner.  
    *   Results are now available in table form to be viewed online going 
back  to 2002.  One no longer needs to download the full-writeup/pdf to see  
line score results for a given year.  
    *   The Records page now includes a table of Ohio County records by 
entry  category.  This replaces the Ohio map and hover method that was used in  
the past.  
    *   Log Submittal - Improvements were made to do more checking on the  
browser side to verify all fields were filled in correctly before allowing  
submission to the server.  
    *   A Photo section has been added and photos received this year are 
playing  as a slideshow.  If you’d like your photo included, please send it to 
 _photo at ohqp.org_ (mailto:photo at ohqp.org)   
    *   Countdown to next OhQP has been added.  
    *   Solar-Terrestrial Data has been added.  
    *   Contest calendar has been added.  
    *   ARRL News has been added.  
    *   Many things have changed behind the scenes that will further enable 
 us to do more for OhQP web users while also helping us with  maintenance.

What’s the same?
    *   Nothing was lost, all the same content from the old site remains  
    *   Results articles are still available for download.  
    *   The Records page continues to show overall category record holders 
in  Ohio/North-America/DX.  
    *   Submit and View Plans is still available  
    *   You can still get your 2015 Certificate online  
    *   Submit your log and view logs received

We hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.  Thanks for your  continued 
support of the OhQP.

73, Tim K9TM


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