[OhQP-mail] K9TM Single-Op QRP

K9TM k9tm at buckeye-express.com
Sun Aug 28 18:49:03 CDT 2016

Numerous/Continuous and deep static crashes from the start of the event.  Even more than normal noise as well, especially after the storm went thru.  Then had to disconnect the station for a storm that seemed to just sit on top of the Toledo area with lots of lightening.  So lost about 2 hours until lightening was out of the area enough to hook the station back up safely.  Only to hear more noise and static crashes.

Tried 20m but other than some DX on CW no one could hear me on SSB or there was no one for OhQP looking on SSB in my skip zone.

So it was 40m/80m CW where anyone could be heard or hear me.  From the start 40m SSB and 75m SSB were tough although given enough repeats did get me thru on 75m to get some in state folks.

After getting back on and finally getting something going a friend dropped in to call CQ on top of me on a fairly empty 75m band.  Given the way the day was going, I turned the rig off and went and did something more productive… although I did work him for a mult before going QRT.

So in about 3 hours of operating I managed:
QCW: 101
QPH: 50
MCW: 42
MPH: 41
SCORE: 20916

I would not have wanted to be mobile as being a fixed station was tough enough this year.

Thanks to those who were able to hear me thru the noise and we’ll try again next year.

On the plus side I made more progress on my OhQP logging software during the down time.  

<TIC> Maybe with Aug propagation from Ohio we should have the QP from midnight to noon instead of noon to midnight or 6PM to 6AM?

73, Tim K9TM

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