[OhQP-mail] K8RYU/R survival report

Ralph Matheny K8RYU mathenyr at marietta.edu
Sun Aug 28 13:07:40 CDT 2016

Sorry to report that most of the K8RYU/R rover operation had to be 

We were traveling on OH 93 going South toward LAWR, when we 
slowed down to cross some railroad tracks the van brakes failed.
Thanks to the skills of military trained KC8CWV we were able to get
home from there at very low speed and all survived.  The van is in  a
parking lot here in town and I'll probably junk it tomorrow.

So...we only got a few contacts in the log (maybee 200) but thanks to
all.  We weren't doing that well anyhow, both operator and driver suffering
from the heat and allergy/colds. 

de K8RYU

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